Driven by the success of our clients!

Bridging the gap with strong relationships through congruent branding.

Sekhem Development is a prestige entity that prides itself on a brand that not only speaks for itself but sets the pace for other companies in its league.
Focused on project development and management, and real estate development and acquisitions, Sekhem Development is hinged on the right objectives crucial to the success of our clients. Each decision made forges a strong bond and relationship necessary for future business opportunities.
As a member of the SBA, Womens Business Development Council of Florida, Veteran and Minority certified organization, we understand the needs of clients with newly formed business and ones that have soared beyond their limits of success.
The client is our main focus as their success is based entirely on our capabilities and the branding encapsulated in our company's intent.
The journey begins with us.
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  1. Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions
    Looking for your dream home, idyllic commercial space or the perfect investment property to flip?
  2. Project Management and Development
    Experienced executive or project management professionals for any business venture.
  3. Contractual Renovations and Rehab -Commercial and Residential
    Have a need for a licensed general contractor or specialty sub-contractor?

Unparalled professionalism

Sekhem Development demands high standards from all team members involved in the client's path to success. Consistency is key in delivering an end product and it is crucial that we remain well-informed with a focused and ready attitude.
Carefully cultivating an array of meaningful relationships makes us professionals who strive to become experts in their field, setting the company apart from the rest of the pack. It is not just the number of success stories but the quality coordination within.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !